Design And Size Must Be Considered When You Choose Cork Coasters

The shape of the cork coaster that you often see in stores usually has two general shapes, they are round and square. Both forms are considered the most stable and easy to use for arranging glasses and cups. However, maybe you haven’t seen much more. In addition to the two forms, it turns out that many cork coasters are also sold with cute shapes. However, if you want a shape that suits you the most, we recommend you order some personalized coasters.

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For example, you can choose a cork coaster in the form of a pentagon, star, heart, other geometric shapes, to unique shapes such as white bread. Due to the complicated shape, the price may be much more expensive than the square and ground cork.

Products of this kind are also usually imported goods. However, of course, the cool shape will make your dining table more stylish. You can use it when serving drinks to guests.

Even though it looks fashionable, the cork coaster still has weaknesses according to cork material in general. If the coaster is wet from a few drops of water, this is certainly fine and can be drained. However, if the cork is used for a long period or is used every day, the large amount of water seepage or spillage of the drink will cause the cork to change color. The texture will become weathered and damaged.

If you don’t want that, choose a foam coaster that absorbs water well. Besides, there are also cheap and thin cork coasters that can be used as disposable items. In conclusion, you need to think about not only size and design but also function.

The coasters will also make your drink photos look more lively and fresh. There are many types and sizes of coasters that are sold in the market. When choosing a coaster for food photography, pay attention to the materials used, whether food grade or not, and also make sure the finishing.

I choose a high-quality Wooden Coaster as one of the reliable props. This coaster is made of teak wood which still has a circle of wood. Besides, the finishing uses varnish and is food grade.