Know More About Anime

Anime is a term used in animated works from Japan. Anime has become very popular in the modern era. Many of the world’s best anime released and circulating. Some popular anime ranging from old anime such as Dragon Ball, One Piece or Naruto to new anime such as Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online or One Punch Man. Many anime genres are also popular. Anime fans themselves are commonly referred to as otaku and the number is very large, they even remember all of the Anime characters names. Here we inform you about the definition and understanding of anime terms and the latest complete history of development.

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The word anime itself is an abbreviation of the term animation in English which refers to a type of animation. But outside of Japan, the use of the term anime was then devoted to animation produced by the Japanese state. Anime can be in the form of animation using traditional techniques (cartoon, hand drawing technique) or animation using computer technology (3D, CGI).

Anime itself has various techniques and types because it is actually an animation work itself. There are also many anime genres ranging from action, fantasy, slice of life, comedy, mecha, romance, sport, horror and others. Anime also contains several elements in films or other animated works, ranging from plot, storyline, concepts, characters, cinematography and others.

Because it is a Japanese production, anime uses a lot of character names from Japanese names, namely famous anime figures such as Naruto Uzumaki, Roronoa Zoro, Ichigo Kurosaki, Rurouno Kenshin, Sasuke Uchiha and others. Although of course with the times, many anime combine elements of western culture and other countries so that neither the character name nor the place setting is dominated by Japan, for example Attack on Titan uses a lot of traditional German names or Magi which are set in the Middle East.