Five Effective Labeling Tips to Make your Move Less Chaotic

Moving to a new house is never an easy task. There will always be hassles, both expected and unexpected, that will come along the way, especially when you don’t pay attention to the manual steps of relocating such as making an inventory, packing, and labeling.

Keep this in mind: You can’t just pack only a few days before the move. Instead, you have to sit down, think, and do your research about the safest and most efficient moving techniques to apply months before the actual move. Some of these things include effective packing, making an inventory, and one of the most underestimated tasks – labeling.

Today, we’re going to present to you some effective labeling techniques that will surely reduce your burden in relocating to a new home.


Number your boxes

This seem to be a very simple technique, but most families and individuals still wouldn’t follow it. This might sound too impractical, considering some changes that might occur during the packing stage. But in order to make numbering easier, do this as the very last step during the night before the moving day.

Numbering your moving boxes is very important because the moving day can get so chaotic and the last thing you want to know is that you’re missing a box or two.


Use Color Coding

If you are moving to a bigger house with more than one room, this technique will benefit you the most. Picking one color for each room is the most common practice. The most effective way to color code your boxes is by using colored tapes and wrapping them all around your boxes for easy identification. This will also save you from the hassle of having to look on the side of the box where you put the room label.

An example of color coding of boxes would be, green for the parents’ bedroom, blue for the kids’ room, orange for the kitchen, yellow for the living room, and so on. Of course, you can’t forget the color for every specific room so you better put the list on your phone. This surely works better that writing the room labels on the box because the latter entails the hassle of flipping your boxes until you find the room label that you wrote.


Be Specific

This can only be possible if you make and keep an inventory of your items before you move. As we said earlier, you cannot underestimate the task of labeling, so is keeping an inventory of your items. Weeks before the moving day, you have to start listing down all the items that you will bring to your new house. Organize that list by figuring out which ones you are going to pack together. The best option you got is to hire moving professionals who are capable to help you from the stage of labeling up to the relocation itself.

For items that are most important or the ones you always use, you have to write their names on the box where you’re going to place them. For instance, you have to write  shaving razor, phone chargers, or the name of the book you’re currently reading on the surface of the box so you can easily spot where you placed them.


Buy Quality Labeling Pens

Even if you opt to color code your boxes, you still have to write on them for some detailed information. It is highly unlikely that the things you will place on the bedroom will fit in one box. Therefore, you still have to write on these boxes some specific labels like fabrics, pillows, and books, among others. Since this is the case, you better buy quality labeling pens that won’t get easily erased even when the writing comes in contact with other boxes and things.

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